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Stealth Shipping Types

DVD Case Packaging comes with your seeds disguised within a good quality Amaray Digital video disc Case sealed with black tape.T-Shirt Stealth Product packaging consists of your Seed products being obscured inside a T-Shirt, either hidden behind the tag or simply just with the T-Shirt wrapped firmly with the seed products inside.
CD-Spine Stealth Packaging signifies that the seed banks are going to re-package your seeds out of your initial breeder product packaging and hide them inside thin plastic material tubes. The seed banks are going to then conceal these tubes in the spine of a CD.

Felt-Tip Pen Stealth Product Packaging implies that the seed banks are going to re-package your seed products out of their original breeder product packaging and then in to slim plastic tubes after which these tubes are going to be placed in to the base of a set of felt-top pens.

Wallet Stealth Technique means the seed bank will conceal your seed products within the folds of a wallet with each and every type of seedling within small black bags.

Building Block Toy Stealth Technique means the seed bank will re-package your seeds from their initial breeder packaging into crush-proof black tubes and after that the seeds banks will hide your tubes inside of small black bags that themselves are concealed within the building block package.

Extened Building Block Toy Approach involves seed banks re-packaging your seeds after which disguising them inside the blocks of the building block toy. This can be a pain-staking process yet seed banks look at it to be the most risk-free shipping method. Each block is actually a different colour and you will receive an e-mail matching colours of blocks to the strains you have bought.