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Research: Medicinal marijuana may well literally help save lives

Medicinal marijuana laws. In states like California, Colorado, and Oregon, acquiring a medicinal marijuana card is so easy just about anyone can go to Venice Beach in L . A ., pay around $40 for a card, and also legitimately buy and smoke some pot within five minutes.However even though medical cannabis laws will often be a back door to legalization and then mistreated for recreational use, a growing body of studies have shown pot may possibly serve a large public health purpose.

Last month, overview of the investigation discovered good evidence to support pot’s use for persistent pain. Prior to that, research indicated that medicinal marijuana may lead to much less prescription painkiller over dose fatalities. And today, new research went further: States with laws and regulations that allow medical cannabis shops have experienced a relative reduction in opioid overdose deaths as well as addiction treatment admissions.

All of this studies suggest cannabis may help resolve one of the most difficult problems in health care today: So how exactly does the united states balance taking care of 100 million pain patients and preventing opioid painkiller addiction and also deaths? If marijuana is a great pain reliever, the solution could be that America doesn’t need to, at least for some patients instead, give them marijuana.